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**SPARX User Guideline** **To all colleagues from the Operating Companies (“OCs”) as follows,** 1. Hume Cement Sdn Bhd 2. Hume Concrete Sdn Bhd 3. Guocera Sdn Bhd 4. Hume Cemboard Sdn Bhd Welcome to SPARX, our internal employee engagement tool for us to connect, communicate and collaborate in a single user interface. As an official employee engagement tool, SPARX’s primarily functions as a unifying communication platform to foster closer relationship amongst employees. Email remains as the official communication channel. As such, all official matters including approvals and content with personal data and information of employees, customers, vendors and any other data and information that have been identified as classified information must continue to be communicated via email. This SPARX User Guideline is read in conjunction with our Code of Conduct and Ethics and Hong Leong Group Media and PR Policy, so remember: 1. Keep and protect your account username and password for SPARX safe and confidential at all times. 2. By submitting or making any postings, comments and direct messages on SPARX, employees grant the OC has the exclusive rights to review, edit, reproduce, remove, modify, publish, disclose and distribute such postings, comments and direct messages as they deem fit for any purpose. 3. Each employee shall handle all postings, comments and direct messages on the Intranet responsibly. Notwithstanding the OC’s rights to retrieve and read all postings, comments and direct messages, direct messages should be treated as confidential and accessed only by the intended recipient. Other parties are not authorized to gain access, retrieve or read any direct messages which are not intended for them unless with the permission of the recipient. 4. All postings, comments and direct messages on SPARX including any information on the OCs or the customers, business, operations, policies, notifications or circular intended for internal use, shall not be sent or forwarded to any party outside the OC. 5. All postings, comments and direct messages on the Intranet shall not contain any offensive or inappropriate messages i.e. any messages which contain sexual implications, racial slurs, gender-specific comments, or any other comments that offensively addresses someone’s age, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs, national origin or disability. 6. SPARX is not to be used for personal business including but not limited to the soliciting or proselytizing of commercial ventures, religious or political causes, outside organizations or other non-job-related solicitations. 7. Any employees who discover a violation of the Intranet usage policy shall notify his or her superior immediately. 8. All appointed moderators for each OCs are responsible to ensure that all employees comply with this guideline.